Rawsagna 4 servings 800g


Ohhh! you will be so surprised how filling, delicious this is!  A layered dish, as all lasagnas are, but wait this one has a lot to tell ; zucchini noodles, marinara sauce, crispy spinach, herb macadamia cheese and marinated Crimini mushrooms experience their uniqueness at every bite.  A wonderful combination of flavors, texture, freshness and so so satiating.  It’s a meal on it’s own, truly don’t add more than a small salad to it.  Dinner is served!

Keep refrigerated 4 days

Love, zucchini*, spinach*. Macadamia Cheese; macadamia*, sprouted almond*, cold-pressed lemon juice*, nutritional yeast, Himalayan salt, basil*, thyme*. Marinara; sundried tomatoes*, tomatoes*, red bell pepper*, cayenne*, black pepper*, basil*, oregano*, thyme*. Marinated Mushroms; crimini mushrooms*, tamari wheat free*, cold pressed olive oil*, onion powder*, garlic powder*.  Organic Raw Ingredients*