Smoothie Merry Berry 230g


Smoothies are a fantastic way to start your day and they are sneaky in a good way. We can add all sorts of superfoods otherwise frowned upon by our loved one(s).

Our raspberries are from Olera Farm and our blueberries from Warkentin both from Abbotsford. The best!

Be mindful when you add greens; it creates a gorgeous vibrant green color when added to mangoes or pineapples but turns brown combined with berries. Ginger and turmeric could be added to it as well, and so many other superfoods cacao powder, maca, lucuma, mesquite, hemp hearts…
We suggest trying adding just a few of those superfoods in your smoothie at first. That way you can test and adjust just how much is the right ratio for creating your perfect smoothie.

8 oz vegan mylk of your choice
200g frozen fruits
1 Tbsp date syrup (equal weight of date and water)
If you add greens … add 2 oz of liquid per ½ cup of packed greens

Made with Love*, banana*, blueberries*, raspberries*, date*. Organic Raw Ingredients*