Smoothie Merry Berry 230g


One-minute Smoothie!
Smoothies are fantastic to start our day and sneaky in a good way; we can add all sorts of superfoods otherwise frowned upon by our loved one(s).  At our café our most popular smoothie was the Royal Green; mango, banana, dates and yes Lacinato kale.  Children loved that one, little did they know there was kale in it!  Just be careful when you add greens; it creates a gorgeous vibrant green color when added to mangoes or pineapples and turns brown combine with berries.  Ginger and turmeric could be added to it too and so many other superfoods; cacao powder, maca, lucuma, mesquite, hemp hearts …  I suggest to try adding a few of those superfoods in of your smoothie first and test how much is just right.  Healthy is good, delicious and Healthy is Best!