Maple Chocolate Bear Sample


Taste all sorts of yummy food you haven’t had before. A new experience with each bite!

Sample size shown in the bottom right corner, it represents one or two bites.

Three superfoods that’s all but oh! so delicious; raw cacao powder, maple butter and coconut oil.

Just enough maple butter to add creaminess and sweetness. Our maple butter comes from Agathe’s cousins’ maple farm on Île d’Orléans in Québec city. Warm days and cold nights give the butter its beautiful depth of flavour and its sweet amber elixir fragrance.

Fun fact! Did you know that maple water, syrup and butter contain minerals and antioxidants? And so does raw cacao. It’s rich, so creamy, and sinfully nutritious!

Please don’t take our word for it! Try it!

Made with Love, raw cacao powder*, maple butter*, cold pressed coconut oil*. Organic raw ingredients*