Ingredients options coming soon

In the mid-time, please send us an email with your request …

We know that some of us with food intolerances are trying to avoid the food that is causing all those unpleasant reactions.
Well, we are here to make this easier for you by offering you a service tailored to your needs.

We will gradually indicate for each product which ingredient could be removed or substituted. There will be a minimum quantity to buy simply because our recipes can be reduced to a certain minimum to accommodate our commercial equipment. And some will be as simple as no cauliflower on my pizza.

There will be a minimal cost to make a special batch. But hey! If this allows you to change it up a bit from an otherwise limited menu, it’s worth the investment. After all, investing in your health is the best investment ever!

Remember that your current limitation isn’t forever. You are simply giving your body a break to regroup and find its balance. One of the best ways to do that is to eat organic, sprouted plant cuisine.

Give your body and soul nourishing food and watch the healing starting from within!