Sprouted Bliss Cookies 6/pack


Sweetened with Medjool dates.

We activate our pumpkin seeds and walnuts.  The process takes 2 days which makes the nutrients bio-available to our body.  We rinse, soak overnight , rinse again , dehydrate for 24 hours and store them in our cooler.  You’ll also find that it facilitates our digestion.

Love, activated pumpkin seeds*, activated walnuts*, bananas*, currants*, goji*, hemp hearts*, cashews*, golden flax*, cacao powder*, Medjool dates*, cold-pressed lemon juice*, Himalayan salt, vanilla powder*.   Organic Raw Ingredients*

Did you know? … Himalayan Salt cannot be organically grown, as it is a mineral.  Water is an another example of an inorganic compound because it does not contain carbon and it was not formed by a living organism.