On August 24, 2003, my friend Katarina lent me a book on Living Cuisine. I read the book that night and the very next morning switched over to an organic raw vegan diet. After only three months of eating this way, the rheumatoid arthritis afflicting my hands and hips vanished.  I still have a few twisted fingers and swollen joints, but the pain and incapacity are gone. Imagine that! My biological mother dealt daily with the challenges of this chronic and hereditary illness but I don’t suffer from it anymore.

Before eating Living Cuisine, I was 40 pounds overweight but now my waistline is back. Spending time under the sun resulted in looking like a boiled lobster, but now my fair skin takes on a light golden shade. My vision used to be sprinkled with floaters, like little flies’ wings, noticeable when reading a book, and they are now gone. My face suffered from rosacea to a point where it looked like a constant sunburn, my skin was constantly peeling, it hurt to laugh, and the inside corners of my eyebrows were dried and crackled. My face is now smooth with rosy cheeks, and the pain is all gone. And I enjoy an endless energy. This is the best lifestyle ever!


Seven months later, in March 2004, my daughter Chrystelle joined me.  She had a rash on her scalp, face and the back of her neck.   We consulted doctor, naturopath, alternative healer and did multiple cleanses without results.  We switch to everything 100% organic; food, personal care products, cleaning products, bedding, everything that we could think of.  There was an improvement, but not a complete healing. It was heartbreaking to see Chrystelle’s neck looking like a cat used it for a scratching post. The contour of her face had a red halo, her eyelids were red and puffy, and her scalp was covered with scratches. Once she started eating Living Cuisine, day after day, week after week, it all disappeared. Like a canvas being restored, the scars vanished, and her skin became silky smooth and glowed. Oh joy!

In June of 2004, my sons, Nicholas and Sebastian, joined us.  Nicholas was a little bit of a glutton.  During Halloween one year, he couldn’t resist eating lots of candies and unbeknownst to me, he must have eaten one kilo of it by all the wrappings I found later at the back of his cupboard.  It resulted in two large, painful sores on the back of his thighs. Homeopathy, naturopathy and taking all the sugar out of his diet had very little effect on this skin infection. Neither did two rounds of antibiotics. Each morning, seeing the dry blood under his fingernails and the stains on his sheets broke my heart. I could only imagine the suffering he was going through.  Changing his diet to Living Cuisine, day after day, week after week, the sores vanished without leaving a trace. Oh joy, oh joy!

As for my youngest, Sebastian, his hyperactivity was challenging for everyone, himself included. His teachers requested for him to take Ritalin.  We took all sweets, food colorants, juices, and dried fruits out of his diet with no results.  As soon as he ate 100% Living Cuisine, his body calmed down like a fine rain after a thunderstorm.  Once more, Mother Nature’s simple medicine was the most efficient. It is so comforting for a mother to witness healing without the use of pharmaceuticals.  Oh joy, oh joy, oh joy!


I was also quite taken by the small environmental footprint created by this way of nourishing my family. We went from the usual amount of garbage generated by a family of four to a fraction of it.  Visits to the grocery became so simple; produce aisle, spices, herbs and oils; I was out of there in no time.  My kitchen cupboards went from cluttered to spacious, with no more hard-to-clean oven, pots and pans. No more worries of serving a meal and the food getting cold.  Feeding my family became a breeze. And to add to the simplicity of it all, washing dishes used for plating raw cuisine is beyond easy: a quick wash and rinse, et voilà!


However, what had proven to be beneficial for my family’s health, generated worries and apprehensions for people in our life.  You might be saying to yourself, “The results are so positive, why such concern?”  For many cultures, a welcoming gesture translates into an invitation to share a meal and the height of most celebrations is the feast.  Many meetings amongst family members, friends or business associates take place around a table of appetizing dishes.  Nourishment equals wellbeing, hospitality, and treating our guests.  Aromas stimulate our senses, evoke exotic cuisine, or simply remind us of mom’s cooking.

So, for some, to put aside all that delicious fare and those exquisite sensations for a vegan lifestyle seemed impossible.  People won’t be able to serve their favourite recipes.  And how is this diet balanced?  Where does one get their protein? Will children grow and develop normally?


The Living Cuisine Lifestyle is far from being common knowledge; it doesn’t have the same notoriety as the traditional omnivorous diet.  Our knowledge of health is the result of studies and research conducted with subjects eating a cooked omnivorous diet.  The food guide, information on vitamins, minerals, and proteins labeled as being beneficial for our health originate from these studies.  From these studies comes the belief that beneficial proteins for our bodies only come from animal sources.

An elephant feeds only on grass, so how can it grow to be so big and so muscular?  And the gorilla? The cow?  Could it be possible that protein from plant sources could also be as nutritious? Ask your family doctor for an annual blood test, which will give you an indication of your strong points and of the ones that require improvement.  Annual testing will allow you to compare results and celebrate your improvements. I can certainly say that eating Living Cuisine brought my body back to health and is keeping it healthy since then.